The purpose of this page is to help students see and read about different places around the world. The field trips presented here are in either a photo essay format, multimedia or video format.

Teacher note: A field trip lesson plan should be developed in conjunction with the virtual field trip. See an example for the Oakland Museum

Wiki Virtual Field Trip Guidelines:
1. Place your field trip in the appropriate region it is located in; United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Antartica, China, Japan, Asia, Russia, England, France, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia.
2. Create a short one line sentence with the location name first, any specifics about the city (for example - Oakland, California) and/or event (for example, The Gold Rush) next.
3. If the lesson plan is developed by students please include the words STUDENT DEVELOPED in your line.
4. Either hyperlink your words or line to the virtual field trip and/or attach any student developed documents in PDF, MS Word doc (not docx), or powerpoint formats.
5. Teachers can add the field trip lesson plan - Field Trips
6. At the bottom of the page add links of any sites that do a good job aggregating virtual tours and do not require you to register.

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Internet Sites That Aggregate Virtual Tours
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