Students use their phones or computers to do some amazing things but many students are unaware how technology is used in everyday life and how it could be used as a tool to enable their learning. Students will use technology as a tool to expand their learning.

Office Skills

How to create, edit, and modify documents, presentations/slides, and drawings. Using Google Docs because it is free and has widespread use. This includes typing.

Security and Safety

Antivirus, spam, phishing, too much personal information sharing, stalkers, and more.

Internet/eMail/Social Media Use

  • Proper way to use the Internet, write professional emails, use social media

Find Answers To Your Questions

  1. Learn the ability to judge the quality and influences of content they encounter in the online world.
  2. Tips on Better Searches (from Google). How to do a proper Internet search, using search terms and modifiers. This skill is needed for school, work and life in general

Copyright and Citing Sources

Understand copyright laws, how to cite a resource, and how to integrate someone else's work properly.

How To Use A Computer

Where To Go For Help
How to search a help menu on software or hardware and where to go to find user forums for help

Presentation Software
  • Prezi. Camera is used from the viewer's perspective. Excellent way to show a journey and organize thoughts.
  • Powtoon. Easily add animation. Easier to use than Prezi.

Creating Movies
  • Microsoft Moviemaker
  • Clip Converter - Download streaming videos. The focus is on simple tools that do not require you to load any software on your computer or require registration
  • Make an animated movie at Go Animate. Free but you need to register.
Start Conversations
Change Minds

Recording and Editing Sounds

Creating a Web Page
When you are creating a web page please remember to use guidelines established by journalists to write a story. You will write an initial hook that captures the readers attention. After that you will use the 5 W's and H format:
  • What happened?
  • Who was/is involved?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did/does it happen?
  • Why did/does it happen?
  • How did/does it happen?

Learn To Code

3D Printing
Create Applications For Your Phone:
File Conversion:
Web Applications in the Classroom: