The purpose of this student toolkit is twofold:
1. Providing access to online material for students in various formats.
2. Establishing an environment to display student work based on various academic themes in a tutorial format which may be later used by other students for independent or guided practice.

A number of educational resources available to help educate students can be found on the bottom of this page. Feel free to add other useful educational sites in alphabetical order under the General Educational Resources List. Please do not add sites geared to a specific subject like math because you will find a list of these sites in the Online Tutorials Section.

If you wish to see some of the educational audios, videos, audios, multimedia categorized by subject matter please click on the appropriate links below. You will also find sections on culture and religion, places around the world in the Virtual Field Trip Section and useful reference sites to aid development of student work.


Curriculum Content and
additional insight on
material covered by
various grades

Challenge me to think about the big picture
Physical, Social & Emotional Needs

Nurture my self respect
Bring out The Best In Me
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external image clipart.jpg curriculum

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8th grade

7th Grade

6th Grade

5th Grade

4th Grade

3rd Grade


2nd Grade

1st Grade

K inthe garden

Thematic based material that can be used to augment learning can be found in:
English Language Arts
History and Social Science
Visual Art
Physical Education
Health Education

General Educational Resources List: