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Elementary school students will be introduced to the most basic aspects of biology, ecology, geology and astrology through observation of the world around them and general readings. In middle school, students may begin studying biology, geology and astrology in greater detail, but serious examination of science does not begin until high school. High school students are typically required to take focused classes in both biology and chemistry, with elections available in physics, geology, meteorology, astronomy and other fields.

Science Aggregated Websites:

  • Sumanas, Inc. - Animated tutorials in general biology, microbiology, biopsychology & neuroscience, astronomy, molecular biology, general biotechnology, environmental science, and chemistry. These tutorials are best for grades 6-12, though some could be used with younger students.
  • Understanding Science - Site for teachers and students (K - 16) to understand the process of science, its principles, and methods.

Science Focused in Specific Areas: