There are three key areas that parents must understand to make the best decisions for their children and to set them up for the greatest success possible. They are:
  • Medical and therapuetic support
    • You usually don't need help to tell when you child is physically ill because you probably just check your child's temperature. But what are you doing when you suspect your child has a learning disability or when you hear concerns from a teacher, or people telling you something such as, "your child doesn't listen or moves around too much"
  • Educational support
    • Tips to help guide your child be successful at school.
  • Social-emotional development
    • One of the biggest mistakes parents make is not taking advantage of outside resources to help you.

This section is intended to help you become a case manager. The information in this section is targeted specifically to parents. Information targeted for students is in the Student Toolkit.

Providing resources to help parents/guardians better understand the education process and tools to help parents build a love of learning in their children.