Multiple and Single Subject Classrooms - Kindergarten to 8th Grade
The purpose of this site is threefold:
  1. Establishing a student support center created by students. Students will find both academic and emotional support. This page also includes many fun activities to help students learn.
  2. Working with parents/guardians to build a love of learning by providing resources to help parents/guardians better understand the education process and improving communication between teachers, parents/guardians and students.
  3. Helping elementary and middle school teachers become more effective and productive by providing easy access to |lesson plans, forms, standards, communication and online resources used in the education process.

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Curriculum Content
and additional insight on material covered by
various grades
Student Toolkit

Learn more about a subject you are studying along with
the world you live in.
Parent Tool Kit

Better understand the education process and improve
communication with your child and teachers.
Teacher Toolkit

Become more effective and productive in the
education process.
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Thematic based material that can be used to augment learning can be found in:
English Language Arts .
Mathematics .
Science .
History and Social Science
.Visual Art
.Music .
Drama .
.Physical Education .
Health Education
Information about different cultures and places can be found in the bullying section and in the below table:

Material can also be found at;
Kashiim Clemons, Adria Peterson, Deirdre P. (not in the picture), Tina Treichler and Mark Vega helped develop this website to help teachers parents/guardians provide the best life opportunities for elementary and middle school students. About 20 teachers built the website in the first year. In the 2013/2014 school year 70 students began adding to develop a Student Support Center.

It is difficult to ask students to help others if they cannot help themselves. The focus of the website includes life skills and content. As Students are being taught they must also learn to be accountable for their actions.When students become accountable for their own actions we take a positive step to develop a caring community. A caring community consists of respectful, supportive relationships among and between students, teachers and parents. Besides academic learning there is concern for social and civic participation. This means ideals such as fairness, personal responsibility and concern for others.

The information presented on this website is factual to the best of our knowledge. The sources utilized include child advocacy organizations, education texts, and U.S. Government reports. We do not present information to benefit the sale of any product(s).