In elementary school, language arts classes focus on basic reading, writing and linguistic / communication skills. Periods of silent sustained reading, cursive writing, syntax, thematic writing and vocabulary are all major focal points of elementary lessons.

In middle school, the English curriculum evolves and expands to include more complicated reading comprehension, such as fiction, poetry and essays. In addition, grammar and semantics become a focal point of lessons, and students begin to foster writing skills that encompass poetry, expository writing and creative writing.

High school students are expected to develop analytical skills. Classes generally revolve around reading novels, essays and other forms of literature, and require students to analyze, interpret and dissect written material in order to compare, contrast and discuss elements, like theme, characters and plot. Proficient writing skills are necessary as evidenced in the form of an essay or research paper.

Language Arts Information is broken up by grade level and general categories.
Grade Level Content
General Language Arts ContentContent is divided into Reading, Writing, Written and Oral English Language Conventions, and Speaking and Listening sections. A web site to help with typing can be found in the writing section

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Written and Oral English Language Conventions
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