We are adopting the saying (with slight modification) developed by Teaching Tolerance for our bullying program

We welcome:

If you are having problems at school or at home this page has several websites to help you deal with tough issues you may be facing in your life. There are also pages for parents and teachers.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
African Proverb

Here is how it's done at Bohannon Middle School: Bully Box
A way to report bullying without getting yourself bullied even more or getting embarrassed. It's like

reporting bullying anonymously.

Buddy System
A way a school can become safer. .

Another way to prevent racism and bullying:

  • 121 Help Me
    • A website for kids offering free, safe phone numbers for children to call for anonymous counseling. E-mail and chat assistance is also available.
    • Teaches students how to develop skills to effectively and constructively manage relationships in various relationships
  • Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use
    • Provides effective strategies to assist young people in developing the skills to behave in a safe, responsible, and legal manner when using the Internet
  • It's My Life
    • Obtain advice on how to deal with difficult but common growing pains.
  • Girl Talk
    • If your a middle school girl and you need help dealing with the pressures and anxieties of being a young teen you can get help from high school girls. Girl talk is a mentoring program where high school girlsmentor middle school girls.
  • Gossip. Watch a 3 minute clip (from Doubt) why you should not gossip
  • Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
    • Focus is to eliminatebullying and discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity through education,support and advocacy.

Bullying Statements and Bully Form
  • A bullying statement is included in the above links from the San Lorenzo School District. If your school does not have a bullying form or if no action has been taken on a bullying request you have submitted other options exist. One is using a third party service such as Sprigeo to record bullying incidents.