• Backed by brain research
  • Presented by Art Costa
  • Reinforced by Long, Swain, and Cummins, who state that it is important to allow at least 2 minutes of student processing for every 10 minutes of teacher input
  • Allows students to negotiate meaning
  • Provides a low-risk environment to try new vocabulary and concepts
1. Teach students turn and face a partner whenever you indicate it is time for a 10:2.
2. Teach students to take turns answering the question you provide.
3. Teach students the quiet signal, such as hand in the air, you will use to indicate when it is time to face you again.
4. Use 10:2s whenever you are providing input (big books, pictorials, narratives) or for soliciting information from children (sentence patterning, process grid, editing cooperative paragraphs).